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Thoughts you should never have.
Saturday, 3 September 2005
What the fuck, Kanye?
Mood:  irritated

Help me out here Kanye, I seem to be a little lost. Why is it that everytime soemthing goes wrong someone has to make it racial? This isn't a black thing, a white thing, this isn't anything but a people thing. I'm almost positive people of all ethnic backgrounds have perished in this disaster. I'm sure people of all ethnic backgrounds need help. Everyone has lost homes, food, and family members.

I'm a huge fan of yours Kanye as an artist. You're incredibly talented. I think everyone who is looting in New Orleans for food is all entitled to it, be it black or white. In fact I think stores should regulate so everyone gets fair rations of food and water. Can you explain to me though, what need do you have to loot a TV Set? Now don't get me wrong I am sure there are white people looting TV sets and what do I think of them? I think they are as ignorant as you can get. Honestly Im embarassed by any white person stealing anything that isnt food or water. I think you should make the same statement. If its not food or water you're and embarassment and make us all look ignorant. You won't though. It's much easier to add to the racial problems you point out than to try and remedy them.

Do I agree with how long the process of helkping and evacuating is taking? No. Do I think President Bush is a racist? No. Do I think Republicans and Democrats are doing all they can? No. Do I think you are doing all that you can? No. You just released a CD. How about sharing a porition of the profits to go towards the katrina relief fund? How many units have you sold? How many did you have preordered? Come on Kanye. Put your money where your mouth is. How about encouraging other artists to do the same? Why am I pointing you out Kanye because you spoke out. You see I don't mind people speaking out as long as they can back their own words. I don't know how much money you donated if any. I see alot of stars find something to complain about but feel just their presence at some function or their backing of a cause is worht them not giving money cause their time is so valuable. You want to speak out grab some artists make a quick compilation album, white and black artists alike, make all the profits goto this relief effort.

You know Kanye, I'm a poor white male the age of 28. I have given what I can. Even to the point of I have to ration what I have because I have given, but i understand I have a home that is standing. Whoever recieves what i have given matters not to me.

So Kanye West for once in history lets try and look at things through transparent glasses. Lets not look at color. Lets try for once in the history of this country to keep things in perspective.

Posted by notoriouzwun at 12:31 AM MDT
Monday, 22 August 2005
First Day
Mood:  not sure

So here is the first day of school. The first semester of the new school year seems to always bring a small nervousness. You're progressing further into your school life. Classes get a little harder more time is needed to do work.

SPA 201 of course was the usual this is my third semester with Senor Budge. Senor Budge has got to be one of the best teachers I have ever had. He is really in tune with his student. He makes things not only informative but also fun.

ENG 102 so far with John Pinkerton seems to be interesting also, he seems to have a great sense of humor. I'm excited to jump in and get started. He told us today to get an A all you need is 899.51 pts out of 1300. My calculation states thats 69% normally. Either he grades really tough or his class if fairly easy.

PED115 which is Lifetime fitness, was started on saturday actually. Theyw ant me to do circuit training but I think I may just go with my own program. the bikes they have in the circuit are dated somewhere arouns the 1800's. Very uncomfortable! M-W-F will be my work out days. I didn't work out today cause of some effects im still feeling from my Filibertos (Flavios Fresh) lunch over the weekend. My goal is to get down 30lbs this semester. I will try and keep a small section in this blog about my weight loss.

I still have PSY277 which is Psychology of Human Sexuality. This class will be tomorrow from 12:00 to 1:15.

Well time for me to get some stuff done for school tomorrow.

Posted by notoriouzwun at 10:22 PM MDT
Wednesday, 10 August 2005
Madden 2006 (XBox)
Mood:  mischievious
Now Playing: The Beast - Tech N9ne
Topic: Video Games
Madden 2006 -

So here we are, Madden is finally out. What do I think? It's a decent game. I will be honest about some fo the frustrating parts. First is the QB Vision crap. I like it makes for interesting games, BUT why is it so hard to pass in this game? Not to mention using QB vision on a blitz, you have absolutely no time to dump to your hot route. When you throw to a reciever he is never open and when he is dosen't catch the ball often. The running game ya ask? How is it? It's a crap shoot honestly. I find running between the tackles to be easier than running outside. Still isn't that easy.

As usual the defense is fun. Maddens defense was way better than 2k5's last year, and still great this year. The hit stick is back and a few other nice little options. What frustrates me about Madden si they still havenn't taken the cue from 2K5 and made it so you can assign players to cover people on the field, like make someone double that wouldn't normally in the play you picked.

Let's get to Superstar Mode. The DNA thing is kinda hokey. The IQ test is fun. The practices get real boring real fast. Same with Training camp. Getting drafted by some team you have no intrest in playing for liek the Bengals always sucks, but makes it interesting when you demand a trade and they send you to jacksonville. When your a free agent you get a list of teams intrested and get to pick the deal you want. Out of the list YOU HAVE to take one of these teams. I wish the demand trade option was like that though teams would offer and you got to choose. I also you could decline to settle with any teams your agent finds. Not only because you don't want to play for them, but maybe you don't want that kind of money.

Online Madden is the same. People finding money plays running it over and over. What game dosen't have those cheesers though right? The Madden Locker (where you can share files) and many other online features are fun. I haven't messed with Spawn games yet. Spawn games are games you play online that are in your franchise. Over all I give Madden an 8.5 out of 10. The game has enough to keep me playing.

Check back next month for my review on Rainbow Six: Lockdown!

Posted by notoriouzwun at 1:48 AM MDT
Monday, 27 June 2005
NBA Draft
Mood:  vegas lucky
Now Playing: Sportscenter theme song
Topic: Sports

So I was told I need to write things actually. So I decided the NBA draft is coming up tomorrow so here I go. Now that the Spurs have won the championship, we need to figure who they are going to draft for next year to help defend this title.

In my reading I've heard everything about them needing a small forward. My question is Why? I think a center or a Power Forward would be best fro the spurs. Nzar just won't cut it next year in my opinion. Yes the trade was good for the spurs, but honestly if Malik was 7'0 tall would they have traded him? No. Malik was a much better player than Nzar is, just much smaller. I think the Spurs could benefeit greatly from a center that can come in and bang the boards. If hes not taken early I expect the spurs to take Andrew Bynum. 7'0 295 center out of High School. Word on him is he maybe a little too slow to move over and help out on driving guards to the lane. Hits about a 14 foot jumper and decent inside moves.

I know with Luis Scola the Spurs will be having a new Power Forward in the mix. I expect Horry to exercise his option and stay with the club. If the Spurs do grab a Small Forward I think it will be a balanced player someone who can play defense and score as well. I think a Power Forward like Ike Diogu would help. Of course I'm an Arizona State fan, but Diogu can score and I think his defense is enough especially in the Spurs scheme to handle some of the power forwards in the league. Here are some of the picks the experts see in the Spurs possible future:

Ryan Gomes
Andray Blatche
Julius Hodge

Posted by notoriouzwun at 9:29 PM MDT
Monday, 20 June 2005
Whats this all about?
Mood:  surprised
Well here I am. Live and in person. I decided to do a blog, because i know no one cares what I think! Why does that make me want to do a blog? Cause I care. If you didn't notice the topic list there are many things for you all to check out. I'll cover many topics. Somethings you may agree with others you may not. I figure hell if Mark Cuban can have a blog so can any Dairy Queen employee.

Those of you who know me are probably saying, "This is never good. Dan speaking his mind is baaaad.", So I can't promise to be PC 100% of the time or even nice but hey, It's something. I may post once or twice a day somedays none. All depends on what I have to say that stay tuned to what i think.

Posted by notoriouzwun at 11:42 PM MDT

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